Apple Mac Pro Lock Adapter

Apple Mac Pro Lock Adapter MF858AM/A
399.00 ₪

מתאם Mac Pro Lock Adapter lets you use a compatible Kensington or similar style third-party lock (lock sold separately) to keep your Mac Pro secure. The adapter attaches without tools and does not modify or damage the Mac. With a compatible lock connected, the Mac Pro Lock Adapter secures the housing to the enclosure, preventing access to internal components.

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Compatibility Information

Fully compatible with Mac Pro (Late 2013) The Mac Pro Lock Adapter is compatible with most third-party Kensington or similar locks including the following products: 

  • Kensington MicroSaver Lock Kensington 
  • MicroSaver DS Keyed Lock 
  • Kensington Combination Laptop Lock (2011) 
  • Kensington Portable Combination Laptop Lock 
  • Kensington WordLock Portable Combination Laptop Lock 


  • Enables Mac Pro (Late 2013) to be physically secured with a compatible lock (sold separately) 
  • Attaches to Mac Pro without tools or enclosure modification 
  • With a third-party lock attached, prevents Mac Pro from being opened, protecting internal components 
  • Compatible with most standard Kensington or similar lock products


מק"ט MF858AM/A